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Physics Foundations Society

The Physics Foundations Society is a scientific association dedicated to the search for a deepened understanding of physical reality. Our work is primarily driven by our founders’ findings: Tuomo Suntola’s profound work ‘The Dynamic Universe’ which opens up a comprehensive framework for a holistic view of the universe – and Ari Lehto’s finding of 'Period Doubling' as a natural process for the generation of stable units from elementary particles to celestial structures. The new perspectives rely on primary laws of nature like the conservation of energy, harmonics and the balance of opposites – without compromising the vast empirical evidence produced by modern science.

Physics Foundations Society has been founded by four Finnish scientists – Dr. Tuomo Suntola, Prof. Ari Lehto, Dr. Heikki Sipilä, and Dr. Tarja Kallio-Tamminen  – covering a wide range of innovative academic and industrial experience from the philosophy of science to nuclear physics, materials sciences, and space-craft instrumentation.


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The Dynamic Universe theory is a holistic, unifying theory describing space as the 3-dimensional surface of a 4-dimensional sphere expanding with the energies of motion and gravitation in balance.

 Dr. Tuomo Suntola: The ultimate purpose of a scientific model is to make nature understandable. DU shows relativity in terms of local energy states saving time and distance as universal coordinate quantities essential for human comprehension. DU opens the essence of central physical quantities and produces precise cosmological predictions without adjustable parameters like the dark energy.



Starting from Planck quantities, the Period Doubling mechanism produces precise predictions to stable structures ranging from elementary particles to celestial systems.

Prof. Ari Lehto: The buildup of structures in space is governed by the simplest possible law of nature, Period Doubling, which is a universal property of nonlinear systems. PD discloses the system of elementary particles as well as the law behind planetary orbits.




Dr. Heikki Sipilä: "Empirical verification of theories is incorruptible; nature is not build on epicycles or correction parameters." . . .

. . . "For a holistic view of reality we need holistic theory structures" . . .




International workshop Scientific models and a comprehensive picture of reality, Helsinki, May 20-21, 2016

La Nuova CriticaLa Nuova Critica


The proceedings of the Workshop is now available as a Special Issue of the Italian periodical La Nuova Critica.

The Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy, together with The Physics Foundations Society, arranged a two-day workshop on the theme Scientific models and a comprehensive picture of reality  held on May 20-21, 2016 at the House of Science and Letters in Helsinki. The workshop brought together recognized philosophers, physicists and cosmologists to discuss the scientific models and the challenge of making nature understandable. The workshop called for novel aspects of unifying theories and discusses the postulates, testability and the philosophical criteria of the theories. Link to Workshop program and presentations. Link to Speaker Introductions.


Doctoral thesis on the philosophical evaluation of scientific theories

Economical Unification as a Method of Philosophical AnalysisEconomical Unification as a Method of Philosophical Analysis



Avril Styrman, Economical Unification as a Method of Philosophical Analysis, Doctoral thesis, University of Helsinki, December 2016. ISBN 978-951-51-2696-2 (paperback), ISBN 978-951-51-2697-9 (PDF).

In his doctoral thesis, Avril Styrman introduces the Principle of Economy as an evaluation criterion of scientific theories. He compares the accuracy of predictions and the magnitude of metaphysical commitments of theories, and applies the Principle of Economy in evaluating the Standard Cosmology Model and the Dynamic Universe Model.

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