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Heikki Sipilä

Heikki Sipilä, PhD in Technical Physics (1978), beside his industrial initiatives and exacting developments of scientific instruments Dr. Sipilä has thoroughly examined the basis of physical theories and the message of Mach’s principle to the linkage between local and global. “Empirical verification of theories is incorruptible; nature is not built on epicycles or correction parameters.”
Heikki Sipilä graduated MSc and PhD from Technical Physics Department at Helsinki University of Technology. Heikki Sipilä’s work as Chief Scientist of the Physics Institute of Outokumpu mining and metallurgy company produced unique expertise and industrial innovations in X-ray and gamma detector technology. Heikki Sipilä became one of the founders and the Chief Scientist of Metorex International Oy, a supplier of advanced detector technology for industry and space applications. Heikki Sipilä’s initiation into detector development for space programs derived from his keen interest in understanding the physical reality and his conviction of the importance of reliable experimental data for supporting theoretical considerations. Work for space programs brought him into close co-operation with space scientists and to the installation of Metorex detectors in scientific satellites in Europe, USA, and Japan. Retirement in 2009 has given Heikki Sipilä time to penetrate into fundamentals — enriched by the experience in one of the most demanding areas of experimental physics.
  • Helsinki University of Technology, Department of Technical Physics, MSc (1969), PhD (1978)
  • Scientist at Outokumpu Oy, Institute of Physics, (1967-1975)
  • Originator of “X-MET”, portable x-ray fluorescence analyzer Chief Scientist Outokumpu Oy, Institute of Physics (1975-1985)
  • Originator of “Courier 30” online x-ray fluorescence analyzer for ore slurries
  • Development of high resolution gas filled proportional counters and their production Chief Scientist of Outokumpu Electronics Oy (1985-1990)
  • Initiated space instrument activity Executive vice president of Outokumpu Instruments Oy (1990-1994)
  • Development of “Micron” particle size analyzer for ore slurries
  • Co-founder of Metorex International Oy 1994
  • Executive vice president of Merorex International Oy(1994-1997)
  • Co-founder of Baltic Scientificc Instruments, CEO (1994)
  • Chief Scientist Metorex International Oy (1997-2005) - managing space instruments activity
  • Chief Scientist of Oxford Instruments Analytical Oy (2005-2009), retired 2009
  • Founder of HS Foils Oy 2009
  • Founder of Fenno-Aurum Oy 2011 
  • Member of the Finnish Academy of Technology, TTA, 1996-
  • Helsinki Institute of Physics, Scientific Advisory Board 2007-2009
  • Micronova –Aalto University, Managing Board since 2008 -2010
  • Member of the Finnish Society for Natural Philosophy, Board member 2007 -2010
  • PPM-systems, Chairman of the board 1992-1997
  • Diarc Technology Oy, Chairman of the Board 1992-1994
  • Metorex International Oy, Board member 1994-2000
  • Tikitin Oy, Board member 2016-
  • Pixpolar Oy , Chairman of the Board 2017- 


Papers on Zero-energy Principle, goto Fundamental Principles

Papers on Dynamic Universe

Papers and presentations on nuclear sciences and x-ray/gamma-ray detectors 
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